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Everything Ninja!

Flow Vault is proud to be a retailer and installer for World Ninja Sport!

What is World Ninja Sport?

World Ninja Sport is EVERYTHING NINJA! We build Ninja gyms, Ninja Camps, Backyard Ninja Courses, Obstacles, and more! Our ninja courses are designed to optimize safety, fun, and versatility. We are fully owned and operated former competitors of American Ninja Warrior, so we know ninja! We provide free consultations to help you choose the best product for your use and offer ongoing consultation to help ensure your business is a success! We are also the home of SPOTTED - the Ninja Coach Certification that shows you everything you need to know to run a safe and progressive ninja program!

What does this mean for the growth of the sport?

Flow Vault's partnership with World Ninja Sport will help to grow the sport in a number of ways. First, Flow Vault will provide athletes with access to high-quality training equipment. This will help athletes at home and in new gyms to improve their skills and compete at a higher level. Second, Our own gym owner Lorin Ball is one of only 5 Master Certified Ninja Coaches in the world. This will help to ensure that the sport continues to grow and develop in a safe and progressive way by certifying gyms and coaches across the country.

Flow Vault is proud to be a retailer and installer for World Ninja Sport. We are committed to providing athletes with the best possible training equipment and resources. We believe that this partnership will help to grow the sport of ninja and make it accessible to everyone.

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