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The Ninja Cube is a freestanding, super versatile ninja course that you can install yourself! The evolution of the ninja rig is here! The Cube Pro packs even more awesomeness into the same footprint! With the pro, you'll be able to up your ninja skills with a Salmon Ladder, Hook Rings, Bungees, and more!


Dimensions: 9.8' Long, 9.8' High, 9.8' Wide


Whether you're training to be on American Ninja Warrior or running local OCRs, this rig has a strong assortment of challenges that will help you up your game.


Want a bigger rig? You can connect Cubes to make them longer!


The Ninja Cube Pro includes

1x Salmon ladder

1x Modular swing

1x Set of ninja hooks

1x Banana grip

1x Dynamite grip

1x Canon ball grip

1x Cone grip

1x Ninja bungee ( 6 strands)

2x Flying trapeze

2x Abs Olympic rings

1x Hangboard double sided

15x Slings

2x Adjustable Slings

4x Quicklinks

4x Clamps for Ring Toss

5x Hook Rings


Suitable for users up to 264 lbs

Easy to install

Ninja Cube Pro ( Self installable mobile Ninja Obstacle course )

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