"Our Team is dedicated to helping build an ever growing facility for Parkour practitioners and acrobatic movement enthusiasts alike to flurish in what they love doing most." 

Owner/Head Coach
Lorin Ball
Media MNG. & Consulting

 Lorin has been on 12 seasons of the hit television show American Ninja Warrior. His background consists of 10+ years of Gymnastics and Parkour coaching as well as 5 years of small business management. He is one of only 5 Master certified Ninja CoachesWith his extensive knowledge of coaching and efficient class structure, Lorin promises the best Parkour & Ninja Warrior learning environment any gym has to offer. 

Gym Owner & Manager
Will Davison

Will's philosophy in coaching centers around the idea that when you are having fun it's easy to forget you are working out. He loves reminding his students that he hasn't “worked out” since his days as a high school wrestler. Now that doesn't mean he doesn't expect hard work from his students. With a motto of “when in doubt, roll out” he expects his students to fall and fall often learning how to fall with proper technique. In his words “If you feel comfortable in the fall you will feel comfortable pushing your limits.”

Assistant Manager and Coach
Jason Budden

Jason has been a parkour, freerunning and martial arts tricking athlete and coach for 5 years. He has a laid back but focused teaching style that highlights on both strengths and weaknesses of all his students to challenge them. He believes that falling is an important part of learning because that means you are trying your hardest and have the opportunity to learn from mistakes. 

 He enjoys teaching the physical and mental mechanics of how your body and brain work in all situations it is put in. 

Mark Persons

Mark is a determined athlete who loves testing his limits. If there's a new move or challenge presented to him you can be sure he will practice until its as clean as it can be. He strives to be like Spider man and makes sure that he does something to meet that goal every day. He loves to be goofy with his class and one day aspires to compete in the Red Bull Art of Motion. All while wearing his favorite color, red.

Jeremiah Barber

Among many art hobbies Parkour is one of his favorites. A big goal in his life is to live to the fullest while gaining as much knowledge along the way. 

Liam DeLude

Liam is a passionate Parkour athlete with many other talents to bolster his style. His outlook on life is to spread joy and be a role model of happiness to everyone around him. 


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