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Backyard or Basement Ninja Warrior and Parkour Obstacles

You can create a backyard Ninja or parkour obstacles course that will provide hours of fun and fitness for the whole family!

Flow Vault offers custom obstacle courses for every athlete from the up and coming recreational gymnast to the Pro Ninja.

Our Signature Adjustable Ninja Lane  is a 12ft adjustable lache lane with ring toss, cliff Hangers, pegboard, monkey bar, plus rings and accessories.

We use high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear. Our installers and Athletes fully test all obstacles.

Our obstacles are versatile for gradually working your way up to more challenging skills as you progress and grow.

Check out some of our Obstacle packages and Book your at home course today.

Email us with what kind of obstacles you are interested in and we will follow up with a free consultation. From there we will create a custom 3d design that fits your space and obstacle course needs!

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