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UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL - Pathway to Team Programs

The training we do inside the gym does not have to stay there. Competitive Parkour and Ninja Warrior is not only an outlet for athletes looking to take their journey to the next level, but is also becoming increasingly popular.

That is where our team programs come in .

At Flow Vault, we dedicate focused time to our competitive Parkour and Ninja Warrior Teams helping them develop higher level skills to take onto any course.

How do students progress into our team programs? Our class curriculum for each level is designed to help students build the base level skills needed to get to the team level. Consistency in attending classes regularly paired with commitment to checking off skills on their curriculum checklists will be the best pathway to getting there.

Outside of physical ability, we look for students that are eager to learn, hungry to work hard, maintain a positive attitude and are team players.

Interested in joining our team programs? Ask your coach about skill requirements that will be tested on at our try outs in August of 2024.

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