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Parkour History Lesson

Hey there! You have probably seen those people who run, jump and climb all over the place. They're called traceurs, and they practice parkour. Parkour is a physical discipline that originated in France in the 1990s. It's all about moving from one point to another in the most efficient way possible, using only your body.

The founder of parkour is David Belle. Belle's father was a firefighter, and he instilled in David a love of movement and a sense of adventure. As a teenager, Belle began to experiment with different ways of moving through his environment. He was inspired by the physical feats of his father, as well as by the martial arts films of Jackie Chan.

Belle soon began to share his passion for movement with his friends. Together, they formed a group called the Yamakasi. The Yamakasi trained together relentlessly, and they soon developed a unique style of movement that was both fluid and powerful.

In the early 2000s, parkour began to gain popularity outside of France. It was featured in several films and television shows, including the movie "Yamakasi" and the TV series "Ultimate Parkour." Parkour has also become a popular sport, with competitions held around the world.

Today, parkour is practiced by people of all ages and abilities.

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